Kinder - 4 year old Kindergarten

Why Choose 4yr old Kinder at Kids by the Bay?

  •  Long Day 4 year old Kindergarten Program    (**Long Day Care fee applies)
  •  Flexible and longer hours available (7am-6pm)
  •  Open during school holidays
  •  All meals provided
  •  University Qualified Kindergarten Teacher
  •  5 days a week
  •  Weekly Beach Kinder excurison program

Our 4 year old Kindergarten program runs as a standalone Long Day Kinder Program. There are no additional charges for the Long Day Kindergarten program. Giving you the benefit of a Kindergarten program and the convience of Long Day Care; all for same fee.

If you require Long Day Care only, we also offer this service (no Kindergarten program)(**Long Day Care fee applies).  

Our funded program is delivered by our Kindergarten Teacher Melanie, who holds a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Melanie is supported by Diploma qualified co-educators. The advantage of such a program is your child remains in a secure, consistent environment allowing them to feel comfortable from infancy to school age.

Our philosophy is underpinned by the National and Victorian Curriculum Frameworks, together with our own personal and professional values and beliefs. We view children as strong, capable and competent learners. We understand that 4-5 year olds require a nurturing, comforting and a safe environment. We also give the children freedom and opportunities to make choices regarding their own learning and take responsibility for the outcomes of these choices. For example our 4-5 year olds are expected to tidy and put things back in their place to help them achieve a sense of responsibility.

We encourage the children to take risks and challenge themselves within safe boundaries in order to learn their own strengths and limits, and develop self-regulation. By engaging with the children throughout the program, encouraging them to question and think, providing support to try new things, we role-model positive social skills and conflict resolution.

We follow the Reggio Emilia principle of the classroom as the third teacher (the children and the teacher make up the remainder), and therefore aim to provide a diverse range of activities in an aesthetically pleasing way. All activities are open-ended and therefore allow the children to interpret and engage with them in their own personal way depending on their individual development. Learning spaces such as painting, drawing, letter writing, construction, storytelling, games and puzzles, music and movement, and dramatic play provide multiple opportunities for individuals or groups of children to engage, imagine, problem-solve, create and communicate.

We use our outdoor spaces to develop a sense of wonder and connection to the natural world, and the children are involved in caring for our chickens, tending the veggie patch, composting, worm farming, and enjoying the beautiful spaces. An art studio located within our room provides the educators time with a group of children teaching them a particular skill each day or large scale projects.

Children and families are encouraged to collaborate throughout the process of planning and evaluating in any way they desire, such as giving suggestions, sharing resources, helping to arrange furniture or providing feedback.

We have an open-door policy and encourage parents to spend ample time in the room during the settling period to ensure your child (and you) feel comfortable, and we welcome anyone who would like to share a special talent with the group such as singing, cooking, gardening or storytelling.

Each day we document the children's learning, through photos and written notes, and these are linked to approved learning frameworks and outcomes in the Reflection sent to families via email. The Education Team are available daily for informal chats during drop-offs and pick-ups, phone conversations throughout the day, as well as the opportunity for you to arrange a more formal meeting to discuss your child's progress.

We conduct mid-year parent/teacher interviews to discuss your child's progress and school readiness. In term 4 our Kindergarten Teacher will prepare a learning and transition statement for the children going to school. Further to this we will arrange visits to our local schools, and a lunchbox program for our school starters in Term 4.


Kids by the Bay Children's Centre and kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.