Kinder - Beach Kinder 4yr old

Beach Kinder encourages children to engage with nature in an immersive setting. We encourage children to be self-sufficient and take care for their personal safety and wellbeing in an ever changing landscape. The program aims to increase the children’s knowledge of local flora and fauna, indigenous culture, and understanding of the interdependences of the man-made and natural environments.

At Kids by bhe Bay we believe childhood is precious and that an important part of childhood is being outside in nature. We know in our hearts that children need more time outside in nature. This knowledge is supported by research.

Children are natural learners. Beach Kinder will provide your child with time and an ideal environment for them to learn in: three hours of uninterrupted play in nature, using what is provided as learning materials. Beach Kinder will be a special part of your child’s total kinder experience.

They will have opportunities to play in the rain, roll down grassy mounds, balance on fallen logs, explore rock pools, get involved in dramatic play, find insects, draw with sticks in the ground, and make mud pies.

Each child’s developmental progression, advancing skill levels, and particular interests will be noted by their educators. This knowledge will be used to support the children’s learning.

Teachers will support children as they take risks and face challenges essential to well-rounded learning.

Stories will be told, knowledge will be shared, and songs will be sung. Through play your children will connect with and respect this space. They will connect with their land in a way that cannot be done under a roof or within walls.


Kids by the Bay Children's Centre and kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.