Kinder - Farm Kinder

What is Farm Kinder?

KBTB’s new farm is situated near Cherry Lake. Farm Kinder offers a nature-based Kindergarten program, where children are provided with opportunities to connect with and experience farm life.
The program offers a blend of teacher led intentional teaching, with a focus on animal care, gardening, environmental education, horticulture, land care and cooking, however projects initiated by the children will also take place. The children participate in hands-on work ranging from caring for and feeding our sheep, goat, chooks, and ducks to composting and worm farming, beekeeping, plant propagation, and cooking.
Children learn to grow their own food and where possible, utilizing fresh produce from our own garden and small orchard, prepare nutritional meals in our rustic kitchen in the barn. Why Farm kinder?
Taking care of animals, children further develop responsibility, compassion, empathy, and this helps build the children’s confidence and enhances their self-esteem and fosters resilience, as they develop their understandings of the interconnection between the land, plants, animals and people.
A sedentary lifestyle can lead to children’s social, physical and mental health being affected. Farm kinder provides young children with large amounts of time in natural outdoor settings where they can play, explore, and experience the natural systems and materials found there. Engaged outside in all types of weather, children and educators investigate natural phenomena and learn about the place in which they live.
At Kids by the Bay, we believe childhood is precious and that an important part of childhood is being outside in nature. We know in our hearts that children need more time outside in nature. This knowledge is supported by research. Children are natural learners. Farm Kinder will provide your child with the time and an ideal environment for them to learn in. Farm Kinder will be a special part of your child’s total kinder experience.
Teachers will support children as they take risks and face challenges essential to wellrounded learning. Through play your children will connect with and respect the farm and its inhabitants. 
 Kids by the Bay Children's Centre and kindergarten acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.