FAQ - Fees & Rebates

Is Bond required?
$500 bond (refunded at end of care) is payable prior to commencement of service.

Paying Fees? 
Ongoing fees are payable fortnightly and are deducted automatically via Ezidebit 

Are fees paid for public holidays or if my child is sick?
Our company policy requires full payment for public holidays and any other absent days.

CCR & CCB entitlements will be applied to public holidays and absent days if applicable, unless your initial 42 absence days have already been used.

Fees are not charged for the time the Centre is closed over Christmas/New Year holiday period, approximately 2 weeks

Fee Assistance
The Department of Human Service may provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child's care.  In order to access this assistance, please provide the following information upon enrolment:

  • Your Customer Reference Number (CRN is issued by the Family Assistance Office)
  • Your child's Customer Reference Number (issued by the Family Assistance Office)
  • Your date of birth or CRN Holder date of birth
  • Your child's date of birth

All this information will be forwarded to Department of Human Services and validated to determine your eligibility for Child Care Rebate (CCR) and/or Child Care Benefit (CCB)

If you do not have a CRN, please contact the Department of Human Services or by visiting one of their offices.

What will my out of pocket expense be?
This is determined by the Australian Government for further information:


What is Child Care Rebate (CCR)?
All clients are eligible for a percentage of the Child Care Tax Rebate for out-of-pocket expenses. The Child Care Tax Rebate helps families with the cost of child care. The Child Care Tax Rebate covers a percentage of out-of-pocket child care expenses for approved child care, with a rebate up to a certain dollar amount (indexed) per child per year, for eligible recipients.

What is Child Care Benefit (CCB)?
The Child Care Benefit is a payment made to families to assist with the costs of child care. Families using child care provided by an approved provider may receive CCB. Childcare Benefit is available for families whose income meets the eligibility criteria. You can apply for child care benefit at any Centrelink office.

What are entitlements when child is absent?

Initial Absence Days

Your child's place is reserved even when they are absent therefore the day still will be charged accordingly. Each financial year, the Department of Human Services will pay your child's CCB & CCR entitlements for the first 42 absence days.  Absence days can include public holiday, illness or family holiday.  The initial 42 days must be used before any additional absences can be claimed

Additional Absence Days

You may be entitled to receive CCB and CCR for absence days after the initial 42 days of each financial year.  For all absences beyond the first 42 days, CCB & CCR will only be paid if you are able to provide evidence to to demonstate the absence has occurred under permittable circumstances.  There is no limit on these days and you will be required to provide associated documentation to suppot the claim.

Am I eligible for Kindergarten Fee Subsidy?
 As we are a Long Day Care you may be entitled to CCB and/or CCR and therefore
not entitled to Kindergarten Fee Subsidy.