FAQ - Orientation

 Is there an orientation process?Yes. We have developed a comprehensive and effective orientation process to ensure that you and your child have a smooth transition into our Centre. We recommend that all families should complete this process, as we feel it is very important that both you and your child feel welcome, comfortable, and settled into the program before commencing care. The below process is a guide only and all orientations are suited to your individual needs.

The orientation process is as follows:

*  A half hour visit enabling you and your child to become familiar with the surroundings, meet the staff and to complete the enrolment forms

*  A one hour stay where your child has a short play - you may sit in our parent area and relax, have a cuppa and read a book. Only under extenuating circumstances will we enrol your child without adequate orientation. Under no circumstances will we allow your child to commence care without all appropriate forms completed, including immunisation records and custody orders.