FAQ - Medical & Wellbeing

Do I have to keep my child home if they are sick? Yes. Child care is not the place for a sick child. The first consideration is the contagious nature of the illness. Just as you want to protect your child from other sick children, so you must protect the other children from your child's sickness. The second consideration is your child's well being. Although the centre can provide quiet restful areas for children, unwell children are really not suited to the stimulating environment.

My child has asthma and needs daily medication. Can you give this? Asthma is an unpredictable condition with trigger factors, signs and symptoms that vary with each person. Yes, we are able to administer asthma medication providing an asthma management plan has been completed by you or your child's doctor. Medication must be signed in and handed to a staff member on a daily basis or you can arrange to leave the medication permanently at the centre. Please never leave medication in your child's bag.