Program - Overview

Emergent Curriculum
Our program incorporates permanent play spaces for each age group, providing a sense of familiarity and ownership of the room. We also employ an emergent play based program that is adjusted according to the children's interests and strengths. The program takes advantage of both indoor and outdoor spaces to encourage varied learning.

Our educators support, guide, and enrich each child's thinking by provoking discovery and learning. Instead of giving answers readily, educators observe, listen and research alongside the children, encouraging them to wonder, inquire and reflect. The weekly program is based around small and large group experiences. Children are encouraged to discuss, express, reflect and investigate their own thoughts and ideas.

Our reflections can be viewed online via Skoolbag App - Reflections (password protected). This reflection outlines your child's learning journey; it may consist of photographs, text/writing, drawing, and other resources available to them.